Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Here is a live gig I filmed for a band called Graffiti at The Oaklands Hotel in Woodham Ferris.

Unfortunately I edited most of this at college, where the administrator deleted large files hourly without telling anyone so it took much, much longer than it should have. There is more on my youtube.com/glosoliproductions from the same band this year and the previous.

Vampire's Lair Animatic

Here is a VERY ROUGH animatic of a video idea a band called 'Raven White' came to me with.

They were just initial sketches I did while the band were explaining what they wanted. They were really pleased with my general ideas and input, but unfortunately agreed they would need to re-record the initial track before making any further progress on the video putting 100% into the production. Of which I assume they are in the process, still.

Summer Videos

Here are some videos from live and dubbed events I worked on over the Summer 09.

These videos were filmed x2 Canon XL2s at a beautiful wedding in Sussex.
The covers band playing required a video suitable for clients which they asked me to film for them.

I really enjoyed working on this project, and ended up getting swept away with the happiness of the day and filming most of the speeches and children running around playing for the families of the Bride and Groom.